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Energy in 100% from renewable sources tailored to your needs

The demand of public entities for energy, especially electricity, is high and constantly growing. This increase in consumption is caused by many factors, in particular the development of the street lighting network and the need to power the equipment and installations necessary to serve residents.

Due to increased consumption and rising electricity prices, public entities are advised to take steps to achieve savings on their energy bills.

Audax Renovables is aware of this and therefore offers energy solutions that not only protect the environment, but also result in significant savings for public entities. Our mission is to provide ecological energy, derived in 100% from renewable sources. We approach each client individually, in a professional manner, offering the most competitive prices on the market. This has allowed us to become one of the best companies in terms of effective management of electricity supply for public entities in all areas where we operate.

Energy offers in 100% from renewable sources for public entities

In order to enable the best management of electricity supply in public entities, Audax Renovables offers energy consulting tailored to the needs of each public institution. Depending on your needs, our team of professionals with extensive experience in effective cooperation with entities belonging to the public sector will advise you on which electricity offer will work best in a given institution. In any case, the energy supplied will come exclusively from renewable sources.

Useful information for public entities

  • Audax Renewables will take care of all formalities related to the change of supplier. Data on all collection points will be on one invoice, so you can easily control consumption and costs.

If a public entity with which you are associated wants to reduce electricity bills to a minimum, take advantage of the advice of our experts. Sign the best possible contract for your institution!

  • Variable XPOT electricity offer for public entities
Audax Renewables provides all its customers with energy from 100% from RES. It is clean energy, generated from natural sources that do not run out and do not emit greenhouse gases or other harmful substances.

Green energy in 100% from RES

All our customers receive supplies of green energy: individual customers, small businesses, large enterprises and public entities.

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