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The energy in 100% is obtained from renewable sources, which adapts to your needs

We know that cost control is a priority for companies so that they can compete effectively on the market and bring profits. That is why we have a very attractive offer of electricity coming from renewable sources in the 100%. We want electricity bills to stop being a worry for business owners and enable them to achieve significant savings. 

In recent years, the amount of energy consumed by enterprises has been steadily increasing. Therefore, the issue of the appropriate selection of the offer, allowing the use of electricity at an attractive price, is becoming more and more important. Every improvement, even a small one, can translate into significant savings.

Our priority is to provide companies with the opportunity to save on electricity bills.

We offer electricity from renewable sources in 100%, tailored to the needs of your company, and we provide the lowest prices so that you can see real savings. Signing a contract with Audax Renovables means saving money and protecting the environment in one. In our company, we are working on solutions that allow companies to pay much less for the electricity they consume, adapting the offer to real energy needs. Moreover, the whole procedure is extremely simple. Our specialists will provide clear and transparent advice, thanks to which you will be able to consciously decide which contract will be best for you. Thanks to this, you will be able to go about your business in peace and you will not encounter any unforeseen situations.
Audax Renewables provides all its customers with energy from 100% from RES. It is clean energy, generated from natural sources that do not run out and do not emit greenhouse gases or other harmful substances.

Green energy in 100% from RES

All our customers receive ecological energy supplies: small companies, large enterprises and public entities.

Electricity offer with variable XPOT price

Audax Renovables now enables businesses to use electricity at wholesale energy market prices. See the offer
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Audax Renewables has the most competitive power deals on the market. Our priority is to optimize energy prices so that you don't have to worry about bills in your company.

XPOT Variable Price Electricity Offer: Audax Renewables now allows businesses to use electricity at the wholesale market price. With our XPOT offer, you can pay for the electricity you use at the actual hourly price in the energy market plus a small administration fee. Don't pay the risk of fixed-price electricity deals anymore!

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