Audax Renovables will buy back from you the energy produced by photovoltaic panels 

More and more people decide to install photovoltaic panels on their property. It is an ecological and cost-effective solution for obtaining energy. Therefore, it is worth considering using free space on the roof or in the garden for photovoltaic panels that will produce ecological energy for you. This solution is cost-effective and interesting because it allows the use of unused space on the roofs of buildings and similar places by placing panels producing ecological energy on them.

Advantages of photovoltaic panels

Having your own solar panels has many advantages. Below are some of them:
Saving both money and energy – from day one. If the installation is carried out correctly, you can make the most of the available space by placing the optimal number of panels in it, thus achieving the greatest cost-effectiveness.
Thanks to the panels, the power grid becomes more efficient. Energy is consumed in the same place where it is produced. This allows you to save at least 10% of energy - because we avoid losses that occur during its transmission.
Supporting the development of renewable energy.

Reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and thus combating climate change. Supporting the development of renewable energy and care for sustainable development.

 Your company or organization with which you are associated will become more efficient, which will give it an advantage over the competition.

The energy you use says a lot about you. If you live ethically and engage in many good causes in your daily life, you can do the same with renewable energy. Choose energy that is efficient, sustainably produced and tailored to your needs. 

Let your electricity be as involved in environmental protection as you are in the life of your company.

Who can take advantage of the offer?

Our offer can be used by both entrepreneurs and public entities with unused, well-lit space, such as: the roof of a building or industrial hall. Unused square on the premises of the company, retention tank: (panels can also be installed on the surface of the water, thanks to which not only is energy generated, but also water evaporation is reduced and its quality is improved by inhibiting the phenomenon of water bloom; in addition, we achieve a cooling effect, which panel performance increases.

If you already have photovoltaic panels and are looking for a company that will help you with balancing or buy energy from you at market price, contact Audax Renovables.

Solar energy

In Poland, the number of hours of sunshine is approx. 1600 per year, which is equivalent to 30-40% per day. Despite these encouraging statistics, a lot of work is still needed for our country to catch up with countries such as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in terms of solar energy production. Last year, the total capacity of photovoltaic installations in Poland was 877.4 MW, which is twice as much as in 2019. This number shows an upward trend. In addition, there are more and more private installations in our country that meet the owner's own needs, especially in the agricultural and agri-food sectors.

It is worth noting that thanks to the production of solar energy, we have avoided the emission of 3 billion 47 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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Audax Renewables provides all its customers with energy from 100% from RES. It is clean energy, generated from natural sources that do not run out and do not emit greenhouse gases or other harmful substances.

Green energy in 100% from RES

All our customers receive supplies of green energy: individual customers, small businesses, large enterprises and public entities.

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