XPOT Indexed Offer

At Audax Renewables, both large and small and medium-sized enterprises can finally buy electricity at wholesale prices.

What is an indexed price? Indexing is a method of conducting transactions on the open market, consisting in paying a variable price for the energy consumed, depending on the purchase price on the wholesale market.

Thanks to our XPOT indexed offer, every hour you will pay for the electricity you consume the actual price at which this energy was purchased on the market - plus a commission.

Don't overpay for the risk of fixed price offers!

The indexed offer has many advantages. On an annual basis, it usually turns out to be cheaper than fixed-price offers, because it allows you to achieve savings in periods when prices on the market are falling.

Importantly, thanks to this offer, consumers can adjust their consumption during the day to the hours when electricity is the cheapest.

We would like to remind you that Audax Renewables provides all customers with electricity from renewable sources only. Ecological energy is produced from natural, inexhaustible sources. Its production does not emit greenhouse gases or other harmful substances. Thanks to this, we enable responsible use of energy, without harming the environment. Our electricity is ecological, comes from renewable sources, which is documented by a certificate, and does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere.

In addition, in Audax Renewables, large, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises with more than one power consumption point receive electricity consumption data on one invoice, making it easier to control expenses.

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