The nearly 100% majority obtained at all three meetings testifies to the bondholders' support for the management of the company.
- The company managed to obtain the necessary approvals from bondholders to be able to implement a possible structural energy supply operation through a strategic partner (market access).
- In addition, the company obtained an exceptional exemption from the obligation to comply with the debt ratio set for the 2022 financial year.

NOVEMBER 29, 2022 – Yesterday, Audax Renovables (ADX.MC) held the General Meeting of Representatives of Bondholders of the "Audax 2018 Senior Unguaranteed Notes" issue (ISIN ES0305039028) for the Second and Third Bond Issues under the "EUR 400,000,000 Senior Unsecured Notes" program Program Audax Renovables, SA 2020” (ISIN ES0236463008) and for the Green Convertible Bond Issue (ISIN XS2263652815) issued by AUDAX RENOVABLES. During the meeting, all motions put to the vote were adopted by a large majority of votes.

The proposals, adopted by a majority of nearly 100% at all three assemblies convened in the first session, include numerous deals for both a potential structured supply operation of gas, electricity and other products through a strategic partner (market access) as well as a unique waiver of the debt established for the financial year 2022.

The approval of the motions put to the vote by the majority of those present proves the bondholders' support for the management of the company. Should the market access operation take place, Audax will gain a significant competitive advantage at a time when the market is extremely complex, reducing its working capital needs while freeing up a significant amount of cash. This will allow Audax to further implement its debt relief strategy.

Renowned law firms such as Garrigues and Alantra assisted the Audax group in carrying out the three assemblies.