Green energy

Our company provides energy from renewable sources for the sake of the natural environment and future generations. We respect our surroundings, so we act to protect the environment.

This ecological energy, in 100% from RES, is "clean" energy because it does not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of our planet, so energy is consumed responsibly, without harming the environment.

Out of concern for the environment and the need to protect it, the option of choosing renewable energy is born.

We offer ecological energy to all our clients: small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large companies.

Ecological energy, or renewable energy, is produced from sources such as the sun, wind, biomass, water or Earth's heat.


We care about the planet

we use renewable energy sources that do not pollute the environment, water or land. Speaking of ecological energy, we refer not only to the process of its delivery, but also to its production. We have a wind farm in Poland that produces 100% ecological energy.

Your company can become ecological with 100%

use clean energy tailored to your needs in a small or large company or public institution. We have a variety of offers, with fixed or indexed prices, so that everyone can choose the one that best suits their current needs. Remember that all our products are green energy that help us protect our environment.


The future of energy

If you care about taking care of the environment in your everyday life, why wouldn't you also follow these principles when it comes to energy supplies? Choose clean, ecological, efficient energy, produced in a sustainable way and tailored to your needs. 


Certificate of Origin from RES

the energy we provide has a certificate stating that your home or company uses 100% ecological energy. 


Audax Renewables provides all its customers with energy from 100% from RES. It is clean energy, generated from natural sources that do not run out and do not emit greenhouse gases or other harmful substances.


Green energy in 100% from RES

All our customers receive ecological energy supplies: small companies, large enterprises and public entities.


Renewable energy in Poland

Renewable energy is the future, because it assumes the production of electricity from sources that are not exhausted.

Currently, in our country, renewable sources are one of the basic methods of energy production. Did you know that in 2020, 10.75% of energy consumed in Poland came from renewable sources?

Let us remind you what are the main sources of ecological energy: sun, wind, biomass, heat of the Earth and water. Below we present its main features and advantages.

Wind energy

In 2020, the total capacity of wind turbines in Poland was 6.2 GW, making this source the most important method of generating electricity in our country. Poland ranks 16th in terms of the amount of energy produced in this way and the power of turbines. China, USA, Germany and India top the list.

According to the Energy Regulatory Office, at the end of 2020, 1,239 wind farms were operating in Poland, of which 1,111 (89.7%) had a capacity below 10 MW, and 128 equal to 10 MW or higher.

Audax Renovables, a company belonging to the Audax capital group, owns 4 wind farms in Spain, one in France and one in Poland, and is currently building another one in Panama.

Solar energy

In Poland, the number of hours of sunshine is approx. 1600 per year, which is equivalent to 30-40% per day. Despite these encouraging statistics, a lot of work is still needed for our country to catch up with countries such as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in terms of solar energy production.
Last year, the total capacity of photovoltaic installations in Poland was 877.4 MW, which is twice as much as in 2019. This number shows an upward trend. In addition, there are more and more private installations in our country that meet the owner's own needs, especially in the agricultural and agri-food sectors.

It is worth noting that thanks to the production of solar energy, we have avoided the emission of 3 billion 47 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. 

Water energy

In the production of this type of energy, the power of water is converted into electricity. It is one of the most frequently used natural resources in areas where the power of water is particularly high, e.g. in areas of large rivers or characterized by a large amount of rainfall.

The largest hydroelectric power plants in our country are located in Żarnowiec, Porąbka-Żara and Włocławek. Their network is the most powerful.

Currently, the total capacity of this type of power plant is approx. 976 MW. In addition to the already mentioned solar energy, it is one of the most efficient methods of obtaining renewable energy. 

Audax Group and the environment

For the Audax Group, it is extremely important that the energy sold is produced in 100% from renewable sources. Proof of this - apart from the fact that our company has its own wind farms and photovoltaic power plants - is the recently signed world's largest agreement for the purchase of energy produced using photovoltaic technology. It was a milestone in the world history of energy. In March 2018, the AUDAX group and COX ENERGY signed a PPA (power purchase agreement) - a long-term energy purchase agreement, which became a milestone in the history of renewable energy in the world. This agreement is currently a benchmark for the energy market around the world, as it is the largest contract of its kind ever signed for the purchase of energy produced using photovoltaic technology. The contract covers the purchase of power worth 660 MW - enough to provide approximately 1,300 GWh of ecological energy per year, i.e. to cover the demand of over 390,000 people. households. The energy will come from photovoltaic installations built by COX ENERGY and its strategic international partner in various locations in Spain and Portugal. Under the agreement, Cox Energy will sell electricity with a capacity of 495 MW in Spain and 165 MW in Portugal. Construction of the power plants will begin this year, and their launch will take place in 2020. The total investment value exceeded EUR 400 million.

Thanks to this agreement, AUDAX clearly showed that it is an energy company focused on renewable energy, focusing on ecological energy in the interest of its customers and the natural environment. The contract signed is only the first of this type of contracts provided for in the company's strategic plan, resulting from a strategic alliance concluded with COX ENERGY to build photovoltaic installations in all European countries where AUDAX operates (Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands) . The PPA of 660 MW puts Spain and Portugal at the forefront of Europe in terms of the amount of renewable energy sold under this type of agreement.

Audax Renovables, together with its local partners, has also started construction of the Toabré Wind Farm in Panama. Upon completion of the first stage, the farm will have a capacity of 66 MW. The power plant will be located in Penonomé and Antón and will consist of 20 Vestas V117 turbines. Construction is expected to take a maximum of 22 months, including the construction of a 66 MW installation, two substations and 27 km of power transmission lines, with a view to further construction phases. The power plant will produce 240 GWh of energy annually.

Our company is increasingly focusing on renewable energy, all in the interest of our customers and the environment.

We have seven own wind farms that produce energy in 100% from RES. We operate in Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Hungary. We have a diverse and stable portfolio, which includes over 365 thousand. customers.

We are aware of climate change, as well as its causes and consequences. For this reason, our mission is to provide our customers with 100% renewable energy, green energy, in order to achieve sustainable, responsible, clean consumption. If we constantly act ethically and consciously when using energy, we will certainly contribute to the protection of the natural environment.
Remember that the energy you use says a lot about you. Join our ecological and sustainable company! You can do it thanks to the ecological offer of Audax.


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